Find Art and Culture In Stillwater County That Will Blow Your Mind

Visit Stillwater MT Art And Culture In Stillwater County

Finding art and culture in Stillwater County is not hard. Stillwater County is full of artistic and creative people, and our rich history makes it easy to find great pieces and art by locals. Though many believe that the best art and history are only found in large and popular cities, we think our favorite county does a great job of breaking that way of thinking.

Here we give you a brief guide into some of the best places to find both art and culture in Stillwater County so that you and your family can get your fill of everything that is beautiful in Montana.

How To Find Art and Culture in Stillwater County

If you’ve been looking for where to go for art and culture in Stillwater County, you’ve come to the right place! Let us help you narrow down your options so that the next time you plan a trip here, you find just what you’re looking for.

Tippet Rise Art Center

The Tippet Rise Art Center, located in Fishtail, Montana, is set on a 10,260-acre working sheep and cattle ranch. It hosts classical chamber music, recitals, and even exhibits large-scale sculptures outdoors. A beautiful backdrop of the Beartooth Mountain, Tippet Rise Art Center is about midway between Billings and Bozeman and makes an amazing getaway for the whole family.

Peter and Cathy Halstead, founders of Tippet Rise, wanted the center to celebrate the idea “that art, music, architecture, and nature are inextricably linked in the human experience.” They feature musical performance spaces both indoors and outdoors. Bike or hike the exhibition, or take a guided tour for a great place for art and culture in Stillwater County.

Bunkhouse Pottery

Bunkhouse Pottery is a beautiful shop in Reed Point, Montana that features the exquisite work of Joanne, who’s handcrafted custom pottery designs are unique and durable. She displays her artwork all throughout Stillwater County, and prides herself on delivering genuine Montana Made custom pottery pieces. Bunkhouse Pottery is always looking for new ideas and takes requests for pieces to display at local shows.

Stop by her shop and or email her today to ask about upcoming events and shows and be sure to check out her Facebook Page to what’s new for sale.

Cloud Nine Quilts

Cloud 9 Quilts is an adorable little quilt shop in Absarokee, Montana. Come stock up on fabric and quilting supplies, buy a pattern from local quilters, and take a class right at the store.

If you want high quality service and beautiful fabrics you find anywhere else, Cloud 9 Quilts is definitely a place for crafty people to stop by.

Juliana’s Jammin’ Inspirational Art and Rock Shop

If you’re looking for art and culture in Stillwater County, look no further than Juliana’s Art & Rock Shop. See Juliana’s new creations when you stop by, sign up for a class instruction, read how-to arts and crafts books, and more!

Juliana’s shop supports Local & Made in Montana artisans, as well as offers crystal therapy at her shop. You can even purchase jewelry supplies! The next time you’re in Columbus, MT, stop by her shop and see what’s new and upcoming.


Now you know that finding art and culture in Stillwater County is not only easy but worth it. We are proud of all of the amazing places you can go to immerse yourself in culture and get your fix of local art. From visiting local art shows to touring the Tippet Rise Art Museum, you’ll find something to do that the whole family can participate in and love.

Create some awesome memories and add a little culture to your life today. Need more ideas on what to do in Stillwater County? We’ve got a great list to get you started.

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