Rapelje and Molt, MT

About Rapelje & Molt

Elevation: 3,480 feet

If you’re into that rural Montana life, you’ll find it in Rapelje and Molt. Locals enjoy picturesque mountain views everyday and visitors also get to enjoy hunting, hiking, bird watching, biking and more! This part of Stillwater County is home to the Hailstone and Halfbreed National Wildlife Refuges, which makes for a unique and fun trip.

There is also an extensive antelope hunting district, so hunters from all over the state and country are drawn here. If you’re not so into the recreational side of Rapelje and Molt, just stop into one of their classic old time cafes for pie, coffee, and conversation.

Rapelje is also home to five different bike trails available year round, but June is when the action happens. Mountain bike enthusiasts nationwide participate in a 24 Hour Mountain Bike Endurance Race. If you’re into that kind of adventure, then join us here!

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