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Everyone loves watching sports and getting involved with the team. Athletic team sports not only provide amazing opportunities for young athletes to grow and learn valuable life skills, but they also allow the community to cheer them on and support them. In this article, we want to introduce you to Stillwater County sports culture, and give you an insight on how you can get involved in our sports community.

Stillwater County Sports Info That Will Make You A Fan

If you’re just moving to Stillwater County or are looking for ways to support the thriving sports community, we’ve got some resources you need to be a Stillwater County sports fan, plus some tips to help you enjoy the experience even more.

High School Sports

Small towns are known for having an excellent sports culture, and Stillwater County, Montana is no different. Everyone here has terrific pride and are eager to cheer on their town and get involved in supporting the community.

There are 5 High Schools in Stillwater County. Here is a list of schools, and a link to their sports pages, so you can stay up to date on what is happening with their athletic departments this year.

» Absarokee High School

» Columbus High School

» Park City High School

» Rapelje High School

» Reed Point High School

Tips On How To Get Involved With Stillwater County Sports

Athletics will always be important for high school culture, and for good reason! Club and high school sports help students learn to represent their community, they encourage the value of participating and working with a team, and they promote personal fitness.

Studies also show that students who participate in sports have higher GPAs than those who don’t, and they also miss less school. Here are a couple ways for you to help support your community and get more involved in encouraging persistence, patience, and practice in our younger generations.

1. Consider sponsoring or donating.

When you give money to the school’s athletic department, you know that your money is going to help foster better individuals as well as promote your brand or business as one that cares about the community.

2. Encourage your kids to participate.

Whether it’s school sponsored or a club sport, being a part of a team is a great way for your kids to learn valuable life lessons. They will make friends, learn their strengths, learn how to work with others, and more.

3. Be a supportive fan.

Go to sports games! Even if you don’t have kids in high school sports, we encourage everyone in the community to support Stillwater County sports games. Seeing crowd participation is a great way to encourage kids who are playing and give them a sense of community pride. Show up when they win and keep offering encouragement when they lose.

4. Volunteer to coach.

If there is a need in your community, offering your coaching skills is a great way to help out your community. Having a variety of sports teams in your area creates a stronger and more diverse community. Coaching is an opportunity to lead and mentor as well as foster sportsmanship and hard work, and it might just be the perfect way for you to show your support!

Stillwater County News

The Stillwater County Sports Page has all the updates you’re looking for when it comes to local Stillwater County sports. They give you a play by play of games playing in Stillwater County, as well as give you insight into what is coming up.

The Stillwater County News site is a paid subscription however, and they work on a yearly membership basis. If you’re already subscribed, then you’re ahead of the game.


Getting involved in the community doesn’t have to be hard, just attend a couple Stillwater County sports games! You should now have all the resources you need to help support local schools and sports teams. Athletic teams are a great way to build team skills, practice dedication and determination, and they help reduce crime rates. They also increase community sustainability by instilling local pride and help us build roots and a sense of place.

How do you get involved in Stillwater County sports? Do you volunteer to coach or just show up to all the games?

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